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Protecting Your Restaurant

A kitchen suppression system is installed above cooking surfaces (ovens, flat-tops, grills, and fryers) and utilizes a special extinguishing agent for when a fire gets out of control.

Imagine your chef is cooking up some delicious food for your customers. He prepares the food with some oil and all the sudden a fire erupts. The fire continues to grow due to the grease and oil nearby until it becomes out of control. A grease fire won’t be stopped by water and a fire extinguisher will get powder all of your kitchen, so you need something that can immediately stop the fire before it gets out of control.

Fire Suppression systems are not only required by State Law but can save restaurants from a setback. At Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc. we have years of experiences in designing, building, and maintaining kitchen systems which have kept Dallas Fort Worth restaurants safe for over thirty years. Whatever your specific need is, we will make sure that your restaurant is protected.


If you are a new business owner and need a fire suppression system we are here to help. Our technicians will come out to your restaurant and inspect the kitchen for possible design ideas. After discussing how the kitchen is planned to be set up, we will determine the best type of suppression system for your restaurant as well as how It needs to be placed.


Once a design is in place, we will plan a day to build the system and complete any other services you may need. When the day comes to build, our technicians will install the brand-new fire suppression system and connect it through your vent-a-hood system. The nozzles that spray the extinguishing agent will be placed to the exact specifications above all your cookware. After the installation of the suppression system, our technicians will show you (and any of your employees) how to use the system in the case of an emergency. Afterwards, the suppression system will be tagged to show it is complete.


Whether you already have a suppression system, or we built one for you, the important part to ensuring your system is optimal is to maintain it. Every six months the fire marshal requires fire suppression systems to be inspected. This process requires testing the system to ensure it is functioning as well as replacing the nozzles on the system. Depending on your location, the local fire marshal may be required to attend the inspection. Either way, after the inspection is complete, our technicians will retag the system to show it is up to date.

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